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Pain treatment consultant and faculty member at the Faculty of Medicine – Cairo University, PhD in pain treatment – Kasr Al-Aini, and we welcome you to Spine and Pain relief clinics, we offer a wide range of services:

  • Treating pain without surgery and without analgesics.
  • Neck pain treatment.
  • Diagnostic detection of back and neck pain and numbness in the extremities.
  • Suction of the protruding part of the cartilage (disc) with the latest technology.
  • Sciatica pain treatment.
  • Treatment of a herniated disc (disc) with thermal frequency.
  • Injection and thermal frequency of the nerve roots under the guidance of interventional radiology.
  • Treatment of migraine and fifth nerve pain
  • Injection of oily liquid and plasma
  • PRP into the joints (shoulder and knee).
  • Treatment of failure of herniated disc surgery and failure of vertebrae fixation.
  • Jaw pain treatment.

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Spine Pain

Spinal pain can be treated with a number of different therapies, including the following: conservative treatment, drug treatment, heat therapy, and surgical intervention.


Headache Pain

The minimally invasive treatment is the best and only treatment to permanently eliminate the pain of chronic headaches. For migraine and migraine headaches, thermal frequency.


Knee & Joint
Pain Treatment

For the treatment of knee and joint pain, we use injections and thermal frequency of the knees, which is a limited interventional procedure with local anesthesia.


Neural Canal

Expanding the neural tube without surgery, and it is done through a special metal catheter that is directed under the interventional rays to the place of narrowing and suffocation, and the injection of certain substances.



Internationally approved modern methods were used without resorting to drugs and without the use of cortisone, and cases are followed up for several years to ensure that the problem does not recur and the patient's comfort.


Spine Therapy

It is the injection and thermal frequency of the nerve roots and the expansion of the nerve passage and the neural channel using a metal RAKZ catheter to eliminate fibrosis, adhesions and calcifications.

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The services provided by pain medicine doctors in Egypt range from the treatment of severe and chronic pain resulting from a herniated disc, neuritis, head, back and lower abdomen pain, sciatica pain, joint and knee pain, numbness in the extremities and treatment of jaw stiffness. Treatment is by using medications or through surgical intervention in addition to modern methods of getting rid of pain through needle injections, heat therapy, and electrical stimulation.

The main function of pain is to protect the human body and maintain balance between the body’s systems, where the pain determines the location of the damage to the human body, and to prevent the presence of pain, the correct diagnosis must be made of the causes of pain. spine, neck, knee and joints. Below we will learn about the best pain medicine doctor in Egypt, the types of pain and the services of Spine and Pain relief clinics.

The most common type of pain

Spinal pain

The spine is the main part that gives the person support and balance as it allows the person to move and stand properly, and it also works to protect the spinal cord in addition to carrying a large part of the human mass.

The spine consists of vertebrae, each vertebra has its own function, and between each vertebra and the second there are ligaments and discs that contain outer rings that resemble fibers, and the center consists of a gelatinous substance, with age, the vertebrae are exposed to injury as a result of the erosion of the layer between the vertebrae, which causes friction of the vertebrae with each other, which leads to the emergence of bumps in the bones.

Symptoms of spine pain

Symptoms are limited to pain in the hips and pelvis, muscle cramps, severe pain in the lower back that reaches one leg, which is known as sciatica, pain while walking or sitting, if the pain increases to reach a week, taking into account rest and a feeling of numbness in the extremities or weight loss You must consult the specialist doctor.

Causes of spine pain

  • Muscular tension resulting from tension and tension in the muscles and ligaments.
  • Problems in the formation of the spine, such as containing a prominent or torn vertebra, or the sticky substance not being in its correct place, which results in the vertebrae rubbing against each other.
  • Sciatica When the pain caused by pressure on the main nerves in the back is transmitted to the man, it results in sciatica, which results in severe pain in the back of the body to the lower leg.
  • Arthritis of the pelvis, hands, knees and lower back.
  • Osteoporosis due to fractures in the vertebrae of the spine.

Back pain diagnosis

Spinal pain is diagnosed through our clinic, where the specialist doctor examines the back and monitors the way of sitting, standing and moving to determine the problem that the patient suffers from.

In some cases, the doctor resorts to MRI examinations in order to determine any protrusion in the vertebrae or the presence of any A problem with the muscles, tendons, tissues, or bones, or using X-ray imaging, which shows the formation of bones and the locations of arthritis and broken bones.

Treatment of spine pain

After conducting the necessary examinations, the doctor determines the quality of treatment, whether by taking medical drugs, by performing surgeries, or by thermal treatment or conservative treatment.

Chronic headache

Chronic headache is one of the problems that the patient is exposed to and causes severe pain, as chronic headache attacks continue for long periods, as it is necessary to consult a doctor to determine the causes and type of headache to determine the appropriate treatment method.

Causes of chronic headache

Chronic headaches can stem from blood vessel problems, meningitis, high blood pressure, or brain injuries.

Chronic headache symptoms

The types of chronic headaches vary according to the duration

  • Migraine headache, which is a type of headache that arises for patients with a history of migraine and occurs on one side of the head or on both sides and gives a feeling of pulsation and a degree of pain that is considered from moderate to severe.
  • Chronic headache as a result of tension, which affects both sides of the head, and the percentage of pain is from mild to moderate.
  • The pain is similar to pressure pain, without containing a pulse.
  • A new daily chronic headache that occurs unexpectedly for patients and lasts for 3 days, as it originates in both sides of the head, and causes pain similar to pressure pain, but not pulsating.
  • The degree of pain ranges from mild to medium.
  • Chronic, continuous migraine headache that affects one side of the head, attacks occur continuously and gives a sensation of the presence and taking of nails in the head.

Chronic headache treatment

Interventional radiotherapy is considered one of the best ways to permanently treat chronic headaches, as the nerve nodes that caused the headache are identified and the x-ray device is directed to them, as it generates specific pulses that work to eliminate the inflammation present within the nerve nodes, which eliminates chronic headaches once and for all.

Heat therapy is used in case the headache is caused by the cervical vertebrae by injecting the cervical nerve roots through interventional radiology.

Knee and joint pain

Knee pain is considered one of the pains that occur to all age groups, whether they are old or young, as it results from inflammation in the knee joint or rupture of the ligaments and cartilage. Injuries occur as a result of a great effort that causes pressure on the joint or as a result of obesity.

Symptoms of knee pain

Among the signs that appear on the patient as a result of injury in the knee joint (knee swelling and inability to move it, severe redness, imbalance or pressure on it when standing), in this case, one should go to specialized clinics for medical examination and x-rays determined by the doctor to determine the location and cause injury.

Causes of knee pain

  • Anterior cruciate ligament injury.
  • Knee fractures.
  • Meniscus tear.
  • Knee bursitis.
  • Patellar tendinitis.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Osteoarthritis.

Knee pain treatment

  • The use of heat frequency waves by directing them to the sensory nerves of the knee joint, then determining the location of the affected nerve through the use of visual rays, as it is used to reduce the nerve signals that cause pain to be transmitted to the joint, and then transmitted to the central nervous system. It is considered one of the techniques that does not cause pain, as it is done without The need for surgery and local anesthesia is used to prevent any pain.
  • Using ozone gas by injecting the knee with the aim of reducing knee roughness and preventing infections through ozone gas, as it treats inflamed joints.
  • The use of interventional laser through a laser catheter that transmits laser waves into the joint and then transmits to the pain receptors and the nerves of the joint. I have to reduce the feeling of pain and work to restore the blood supply to the joint naturally, which works to heal the joint. The duration of one session is 20 minutes, and the number of specific sessions is determined by the doctor.
  • The use of plasma injection technology, hyaluronic acid and growth stimulants that work to reduce inflammation for joint healing.

shoulder pain

The shoulder consists of a group of bones, joints, muscles and tendons responsible for the movement of the shoulder and arm, so the shoulder joint is one of the most flexible joints in the body, as it is considered one of the most important joints that are used for daily activities, as shoulder joint pain is one of the pains that lead to disruption of life daily, causing severe pain.

Causes of shoulder pain

  • Shoulder tendinitis.
  • Rotator cuff tear.
  • Shoulder dislocation.
  • Clavicle fracture.
  • Arm broken.
  • Slipped disc.
  • rheumatoid arthritis;
  • Stiffness of the shoulder joint.
  • Osteoporosis.
  • Shoulder instability.
  • Shoulder freeze.
  • heart attack

Symptoms of shoulder pain

  • Feeling pain in the shoulder with difficulty moving it.
  • shoulder swelling
  • Inability to carry things.
  • Shoulder joint stiffness.
  • Crackling sensation in the shoulder joint when moving.

Shoulder pain treatment

  • When consulting a doctor, medication can be used to treat infections with anti-inflammatory and analgesics.
  • Resorting to physical therapy is one of the things that doctors advise to treat injuries, but it takes a long time.
  • Take medications and foods rich in calcium.
  • Using injection techniques for tendons to relieve pain and reduce inflammation.
  • Surgical intervention by performing surgeries.
  • The use of heat frequency therapy to relieve pain that consists of the roughness of the shoulder joint through the use of heat waves through a needle inserted into the affected part with the use of a local anesthetic to reduce the feeling of pain.

General methods of diagnosing pain

Dr. Hisham Zaid Clinics offer a careful physical examination of the patient to determine the pain that the patient suffers from by conducting some medical tests:

  • Determine the location of the pain that the patient is complaining of through a careful physical examination.
  • Examinations using x-rays to determine the location of inflammation or fracture.
  • Using an MRI or CT scan.
  • Carrying out medical examinations through blood tests.

Reasons for choosing Dr. Hisham Ziada Clinics

The spine and pain relief clinics of Dr. Hisham Ziadeh, a pain management consultant and faculty member at the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, who holds a PhD in pain management in Kasr Al-Ainy, are distinguished by providing a variety of services to the patient in terms of:

  • Neck pain treatment.
  • Treatment of spine pain and numbness in the extremities.
  • Sciatica pain treatment.
  • Treatment of joint and knee pain.
  • Treatment of a herniated disc.
  • Treatment of chronic headaches of all kinds.
  • Treatment of trigeminal nerve pain.
  • Treatment of the prominent part of the cartilage.
  • Treatment using the most advanced technologies such as thermal frequency therapy, interventional radiology.
  • Injection of oily fluid and plasma into joints.
  • Treatment of failure of herniated disc surgeries and failure of vertebrae fixation.

Services provided by Dr. Hisham Ziadeh Clinics

  • Expansion of the neural canal without surgery, as the canal consists of a bony cylindrical cavity surrounded by five lumbar vertebrae with cartilage separating them, in addition to some soft tissues located at the end of the spinal cord and the nerve plexus.
  • Stenosis of the spinal canal occurs due to roughness of the vertebrae, enlargement of the posterior ligaments, herniated disc and slipped vertebrae, causing pain in the neck and back, depending on the presence of narrowing in the neural canal, and when moving, the feeling of pain increases or because of the nervous symptom, it is treated through a metal catheter, where a procedure is performed A small hole in the skin that does not exceed half a centimeter, then the catheter is directed at the place where the narrowing is located inside the neural canal through the use of interventional rays that determine the location of the narrowing and help in expanding it, this method works to reduce the pressure on the affected nerves and work to increase the rate of blood supply to the roots lumbar nerves. The result is immediate, as the patient feels better within a day, in addition to continuous follow-up with the doctor and adherence to instructions.
  • Cartilage fumigation is one of the modern techniques for treating a herniated disc without surgery, where a dedicated needle is used that is inserted into the cartilage using precise rays, then the fumigation process is done using a dedicated device, where the technique works to vaporize the slipped part, which causes pressure on the nerve roots, which results in pain and numbness in the The leg, this technique is done using a local anesthetic, and after its completion, the patient can leave the hospital and return to normal life.
  • Spinal surgery works to relieve the pressure on the spinal cord by removing part of the vertebrae and ligaments that press on the place, it works to relieve pain resulting from changing the locations of the vertebrae due to age, where an incision is made in the back so that the doctor can reach the area The damaged vertebrae, where the damaged vertebra is removed and the rest of the vertebrae are combined through the use of one of the bones in the patient’s body or through the use of screws to connect the vertebrae together.

The most important advice provided by the best doctor to treat pain in Egypt

  • Exercising regularly and in moderation, and avoiding excessive exercise to avoid injuries.
  • Eat healthy foods with a balanced diet.
  • Staying away from bad habits when sitting by choosing wrong positions.
  • Use comfortable chairs to avoid pain.
  • stop smoking.
  • Use comfortable pillows to sleep on.
  • Not looking at phones incorrectly causes neck and shoulder pain.

The goals of the best doctor for pain management in Egypt

Dr. Hisham Ziadeh’s clinics, which are considered the best doctor for pain management in Egypt, work on:

  • Work to increase the patient’s physical health.
  • Eliminate the pain that disrupts the daily life of the patient.
  • Providing the correct ways to treat the patient through the use of modern technologies.
  • Finding ways to treat pain without the need for surgical intervention.
  • Giving advice that helps the patient eliminate the causes of pain.
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