Knee & Joint Pain


Heat frequency therapy is used to reduce the pain caused by the roughness of the knee. The treatment is done by passing frequency waves through a long needle inserted under local anesthesia into the nerve site precisely with the help of an x-ray machine.

This leads to a temporary disruption in the function of the nerve and thus does not transmit the sensation of pain. And the effect of heat frequency therapy relieves pain by more than 07-08%.

Plasma injections, hyaluronic acid and growth stimulants: aim to stimulate the body’s natural healing capabilities. The most recent treatment methods are stem cell therapy (knee fat injection) and platelet rich plasma knee injections.

Injection and frequency knee warming is a minimally invasive procedure. Local anesthesia, not total anesthesia, is performed under interventional radiology guidance. The procedure time ranges between 02-51 minutes, and the patient is advised to leave the hospital after one to two hours and return to normal life after 42-84 hours.

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